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ROUTE 66, Feel the Freedom!

It began in the early 1920’s with a vision of a paved highway that would connect Chicago to Los Angeles. By the time of its completion in 1926, the road covered over 2,400 miles, three time zones, and eight states. ROUTE 66 opened the West for adventurers and entrepreneurs to accomplish their own ‘American Dream’, it became known as “Route to the opportunity”
ROUTE 66 is also known as the ‘Main Street of America’ and ‘The Mother Road’.

Interesting facts

  • ROUTE 66 is an iconic vintage American lifestyle brand with timeless appeal.
  • ROUTE 66 has no specific sex or age, just the spirit of  ‘Feel the Freedom’.
  • ROUTE 66 mentality: adventurous, entrepreneurial, self-made, successful and free.
  • ROUTE 66 has 18,7 million hits on Google.
  • ROUTE 66 adds an essential valuable element to licensed products: emotion.
  • ROUTE 66 has a perceived brand awareness comparable to the most known global lifestyle and fashion brands.

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Primary: 18 to 29-year-old men

Secondary: Boys and women


France, Portugal, Spain

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