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This is the third movie of the successful Hotel Transylvania franchise. The first two films have been big box office successes with over $ 1 billion in revenue and this summer, Sony Pictures releases the third movie.

Dracula, his family and the Drac Pack embark on a haunted cruise vacation. But what they don’t know is that this trip is actually part of a plan by a descendant of Van Helsing, Dracula’s greatest enemy, to rid the world of monsters. In the midst of family fun and the high seas, our heroes will need to band together to save themselves and all monster-kind.

Interesting facts

  • The Hotel Transylvania franchise has generated over $1 Billion in Box-Office and Home Ent.
  • The Hotel Trasnsilvania is an all-audience appeal very popular with children, teens and parents withs kids.
  • The property is not only a movie franchise but also global brand with a new TV series
  • Premiere: July 2018
  • Jazwares - Master Toy
Sony Pictures Animation


3D CGI animation film


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