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Miffy is a Dick Bruna’s most known and most popular character.

In her stories Miffy and her friends depict family situations children can understand and where they can see themselves reflected while establishing an intimate relationship between this character and the small readers. Miffy is naïve and innocent, an image reflected by her minimalist style.

Interesting facts

  • Miffy was born  from illustrator Dick Bruna’s drawings. She is a little rabbit and  the main character of 107 books. 
  • The first Miffy book,  The Apple, was published in 1953.
  • Over 85 million books sold in over 40 languages.
  • Broadcasted in over 50 countries.
  • Over 250 licensees worldwide.
  • Over 10.000 unique products.
  • Miffy celebrated her 50th birthday in 2005.
  • Musical in Japan, Holland, South Korea and Croatia.
  • In 2006 The Dick Bruna House opened in Utrecht, Holland with a permanent exposition.
  • Miffy is supportive as she has collaborated with an endless amount of social actions; She designed the logo for the Nagano (Japan 05) “Special Olympics” Winter Competition as well as a line of products for UNICEF, for charitable purposes that will be on sale in Spain and Portugal beginning this year 2007. More recently, Dic Bruna has designed a Miffy crying for Japan.
  • 2009, the Campaign of the World Peace is Possible Foundation and the logo of the peace dove that Dick Bruna designed for the Foundation.
  • 2010, Miffy raises money for book Aid International in the UK, which donates book to children in Africa as part of World Book Day.
  • Miffy has also opened her own exclusive “Miffy Shop”.
  • The city of New York appointed Miffy as “children’s ambassadress”.

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Primary: 0 to 6-year-old kids

Secondary: Families, young adults and fans


France, Portugal, Spain


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