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A new breed of thinking.

The strips centers on the relationship between Mooch, a cat and his best friend and neighbor Earl, a dog. Their friendship focuses on the differences between cats and dogs as pets. Earl is friendly, loves the company of his human companion and loves to play outside. Mooch is often indiferent to his human companions, except for being fed and prefers to stay inside and play by himself. The strip shows how pets look at the world as well as their relationship with their masters and the human condition in general. 

Interesting facts

  • The Mutts strips have appeard in over 750 newspapers in 20 diferent countries. 
  • 16 edited books.
  • Earl, the dog and Mooch, the cat, two of the most adorable characters in present comics.
  • Mutts is orientated to whatever is natural, organic and does not negatively influence the enviroment.

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Primary: 18 to 34-year-old men and women

Secondary: Teenagers


France, Portugal, Spain

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