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Popeye’s eternal girlfriend. A woman of our time. 

Born by the hand of the American Cartoonist Elzie Segar, Olive Oyl, as curvaceous as a toothpick, with a pickled-shaped nose, she is also a modern, responsible, independent and charming damsel. Olive Oyl has been courted, all through her history, by the 2 great rivals for her affection, Popeye and Brutus that tend to fight each other every day to gain Olive’s heart. 

Interesting facts

  • Olive Oyl, the second Popeye’s passion next to spinach, is not the typical heroine. 
  • Long before she met the sailor Man, the comic strip “Thimble Theatre” was based on Olive’s family.
  • A powerful fashion brand that speaks to today’s woman. 
  • Versatility in styles ranging from retro, to modern, classic…
  • The “Vogue” magazine christened her as “Popeye’s independent girlfriend”.
  • Moschino, an Italian fragrance designer, has created a perfume bottle in the shape of Olive Oyl called “I love” along with a line of fashion accessories. 
  • Mango, Oysho and Miss Sixty have develop some Olive’s Oyl fashion collections. 

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France, Portugal, Spain

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