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There is no other book like The Little Prince, being a poetic, philosophical and initiatory tale as well.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry conveys here essential humanist values : the sense of responsibility, sharing love and friendship bonds, respecting everybody, the yearn to learn, to find a meaning to one’s life, to look beyond appearances, to protect the environment…

It deals with opposing universal matters : beauty and the passing of Time, happiness and adversity, children and grownups interaction, the visible and the invisible, inner trip and world travel, life and death mystery…

Interesting facts

  • A simple story with simple words and wonderful drawings, which moves people all around the world, whatever their nationality, religion, age may be.
  • The Little Prince is the most translated book in the world after the Bible.
  • 140 million copies sold over the world since its first issue in 1943.
  • Since its first issue in 1943, The Little Prince is still regularly in the global top 10 of sales of children’s books.
  • The Little Prince Museum in Hakone, Japan, welcomes 200 000 visitors a year, while the huge exhibition Brazil has been hosting since the end of 2009 welcomed 200 000 visitors... after the first two months only.

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