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The animated series Hotel Transylvania joins the already existing digital content of the successful franchise, offering  a global property with 3 films and a TV series. Set in the same universe of films, this new TV series allows us to expand the window of the property beyond the cinema and thus enjoy a longer exposure.

The series premieres in Spain and Portugal is in October 2017 on Disney Channel and in summer 2018 Hotel Transylvania 3 is released in summer 2018 . The first two films have been big box office successes with over $ 1 billion in revenue and this summer, Sony Pictures releases the third movie.

Interesting facts

  • 52 episodes of 7 minutes
  • Disney Channel premiere in October 2017
  • Produced by Nelvana with the collaboration of Sony Pictures Animation
Sony Pictures Animation


Animation series


Primary: 4 to 11-year-old kids


Portugal, Spain


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