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Postman Pat delivers more than ever!

Special delivery Service! Postman Pat and his trusty helper, Jess the Cat, have captivated global TV audience for nearly thirty years.
An all-new series, Postman Pat Special Delivery Service, is delivering more than ever, with a fleet of new vehicles and an expanded cast to help Pat on his way.

Interesting facts

  • The show reflects values such as the importance of community and family, people working together, and showing kindness and consideration for others.
  • Storylines are entertaining, amusing and engaging, and really capture the world of Pat and Jess the Cat.
  • It’s being aired in 170 countries.
  • Huge catalogue with 106x15’ episodes.
  • More than 15 million books and 2 million DVD’s sold worldwide.
  • 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of Postman Pat and the longest running animation series on the BBC (UK). Related New with Postman Pat.
  • Postman Pat launched on TVE in January 2010 and is now consistently airing on Clan TV (Spain).
  • Postman Pat launched on RTP in 2008 and Canal Panda in 2010.
  • Character Options add new lines for 2011 - Giochi Preziosi is the distributor in Spain.
  • Partners: Editorial Planeta, Giochi Preziosi…

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Classic Media


Stop motion animation series


Primary: 2 to 6-year-old kids

Secondary: Families


Spain and Portugal


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