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 Balance of 2011 and objectives set up for 2012Back
Balance of 2011 and objectives set up for 2012

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For this year that we have just started, Biplano has set up a series of goals and objectives in order to develop its strategy for 2012.

30.01.2012 /

These are difficult times for all sectors, but in this context of economic crisis, Licensing seems to become a haven for many companies, representing a key tool for brand-building and allowing them to differentiate themselves from their competition while adding value to their products.
Biplano has taken advantage of this last year to expand its structure and take the necessary steps that will allow it to keep moving forward despite the current economic environment. However, the paramount event of 2011 has been Biplano entrance into the French market.
This new office implies a substantial increase in the company trading volumes. Owners who have already joined Biplano’s new venture in France are King Features, Mercis, M.G.A., Artestar, Anera Films and Redrover.
Another innovation of this past year 2011 has been the incorporation of the company communication system into the new social networks. This step has been carried out by creating Biplano profiles on Linkedin and Twitter. Through these profiles Biplano informs of eventual news flashes as well as of the most outstanding novelties.
Yet, despite the importance social networks have acquired, the quality of personal relationships must always be kept, so that Biplano, on a regular basis, visits all important trade fairs and exhibitions in the licensing field. Notably, and among others, Biplano’s attendance to the International Licensing Expo Las Vegas and to the Brand Licensing Expo 2011 held in London.
Biplano’s main objective for this year 2012 consists in gaining a strong foothold in the French market, by attaining a position that allows Biplano to compete with the leading licensing companies in that country. Biplano intends to keep on expanding the portfolio of properties, available right now in its Paris office, to make it as similar as possible to its Spanish and Portuguese portfolios.
Insofar as the Spanish Licensing market is concerned, some of the properties mostly in demand for this 2012, are already part of Biplano’s portfolio.
We may, thus, emphasize that the year 2012 will be a year when Biplano will eventually link all the novelties incorporated in 2011 so that they become part of the company’s upward trend.


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