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Be Solidary! Be Boop!

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Betty Boop joins Sandra Ibarra in the face of breast cancer.

28.11.2011 /

The Sandra Ibarra Foundation for Solidarity in the Face of Cancer, together with Biplano and Karactermania, is carring out a project made with the heart, the “Betty Boop knows it, do you?” campaign, submited on October 19th, the World International Breast Cancer Day. It is starred by Betty Boop, a woman who has become a global glamour icon, a woman who manages to unite freedom,  independence and atractiveness.
Through this campaign we expect to make the feminine population aware of the importance of the prevention and early detection of breast cancer among women.
In this connection several educational activities will be carried out, as the elaboration of a diptych where Betty Boop will send a message explaining how the early detection of breast cancer considerably increases the probabilities of survival. This is why breast auto exploration is so important and Betty Boop will encourage all women to do it, while explaining how to proceed. She will also insist on the convenience of making periodical mammograms as well as conducting a healthy life based on a well-balanced diet, an adequate weight and the regular practice of physical sport, inasmuch all these questions may have a decisive role in our health.
The “Be Solidary! Be Boop!” handbag (produced by Karactermania) is a pink current women’s complement. It symbolizes the fight against breast cancer. Betty Boop appears in the bag with a sexy  and femenine look and the Sandra Ibarra Fundation orange ribbon.
The handbag will be available, as of December next, in gift shops and Department Stores... It will cost 39,95€, out of which 5€ will be going to the “Be Solidary, Be Boop!“ prevention campaign.
Sandra Ibarra and Betty Boop attended to “El Programa de Ana Rosa” (Tele5) to launch the campaign and showed the pink handbag created through the collaboration between King Features Syndicate, Biplano, Karactermania and Sandra Ibarra Foundation for Solidarity in the Face of Cancer.


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