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Biplano portfolio does not rest

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Biplano is still renewing his licenses portfolio in order to meet market demand and keep a balanced portfolio.

23.04.2013 /

Biplano properties segmentation is based on target and category due to the importance of large market coverage in licensing sector. In many sectors, marketing theory recommends to define the target in order to focus all efforts on it, but licensing agents are the exception that proves the rule. “Every product can be licensed but not all licenses can be associated to all products” is a key principle in licensing industry and it summarizes diversification idea; if we want to take care of all companies and sectors needs, licenses portfolio has to be large enough to offer most appropriate license.
Biplano is always looking for new licenses and in recent months Tickety Toc, Angry Words or Matt Hatter have been chosen to join Betty Boop, Smurfs, Doodle Jump and co.


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