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 Biplano will manage The Smurfs classic licensing rights in FranceBack
Biplano will manage The Smurfs classic licensing rights in France

The company is delighted to announce its licensing agreement with IMPS, which appoints Biplano as its licensing agent for The Smurfs classic in France.

02.05.2012 /

The Smurfs are one of the most beloved characters of the world. These little blue characters have become a classic that manage to attract any kind of public from the youngest to the oldest one. 
With his unmistakable features, The Smurfs have been among the most lasting and famous characters of all time for children and adults. Due to his 50 years history, The Smurfs has been followed and loved by every age and culture.
The Smurfs are a unique property suitable for licensing campaigns and marketing and communications initiatives of the greatest impact. Beside the classic images, today new graphics and styles are available and ready to attract alternative targets.
For almost 50 years, The Smurfs have proved an enormous stability, a solid development and a constant and high quality presence.
Biplano - which continues to grow its French portfolio – will bolster the position and visibility of the successful Smurfs within the French market.


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