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 Bolts & Blip, the new property of BiplanoBack
Bolts & Blip, the new property of Biplano

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Biplano has been appointed to manage the licensing rights of Bolts & Blip in Spain, France and Portugal.

01.12.2011 /

Bolts & Blip the world’s first Stereoscopic 3D animated TV series, co-produced by ToonBox Entertainment, a Canadian animation studio, and Redrover, a specialized 3D company in Korea, arrives to Spain, France and Portugal.
Bolts & Blip started to be broadcasted throughout the whole US region on 3NET as well as in Korea on SkyLife in 3D. In April 2010, the 2D version of Bolts & Blip made its first debut in France and has currently aired in over 60 territories over the past year.
Bolts & Blip is on air now on Télétoon+ (France), Nickelodeon (Israel), 3net (US) and Club Super 3 (Spain).
The main characters of the series, Bolts and Blip are just your average everyday robots who desperately want to become cool battle-bots and play in the coveted Lunar League of Robotic Sports. When the pair finally get their wish, they realize that they are in over their heads, and soon discover what they are really made of as they battle against formidable foes such as the Galaxy All-Stars, Tread Heads, Blood-Bots and the eccentrically evil Dr. Blood.
This agreement aims to generate new licensing projects as well as new promotional initiatives to grow the distribution of existing licensed products in Spain, France and Portugal.
Through the Know-How of both, Biplano and the co-production partners ToonBox Entertainment and Redrover, the work of Biplano and the services which is offering not only as far as licensing is concerned, but also at retail and promotion levels, the project is expected to be successful.


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