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 “Che”, a worldwide icon for licensingBack
“Che”, a worldwide icon for licensing

Biplano has added to its licenses portfolio one of the most influential figures in recent history:"Che" Guevara.

12.09.2012 /

In 1960, Alberto Korda, Cuban photographer, took one of the world's most famous picture and titled Heroic Guerrilla. This photograph has gone down in history and has become one of the most reproduced images, as a symbol of the fight against the system, but also as a brand image of a wide variety of consumer products. Thus, over the years, Alberto Korda's photograph was been used to license multiple products from different categories.
The figure of “Che” arouses great passions in public opinion as a symbol of global significance and for many of his supporters; he represents the fight against social injustice, rebellion and incorruptible spirit.
This new license demonstrates the willingness of Biplano to continue evolving into a global licensing in order to extend its licenses portfolio to offer its customers a wide range of options to suit their needs.


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