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 The release of the summer: MADAGASCAR 3Back
The release of the summer: MADAGASCAR 3

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This summer 2012, Madagascar 3 has been a box office success.

04.09.2012 /

Madagascar 3, the third film of the famous saga of Dreamworks, has been release in July. Madagascar has been a worldwide box office success with its fun characters Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, Julien and the penguins and others. In Spain, during its first week of issue, Madagascar 3 reached the top spot at the box office displacing films that have been several weeks in the top rank.
Besides blockbuster, Madagascar 3 has also performed well in the field of promotion coming to sign agreements in sectors as diverse as food or pharmacy. Companies like Risi and his famous product Gusanitos, mineral water Cabreiroá from Hijos de Rivera, Montes Lara muffins from Impanasa or Laboratorios Kin, offering a direct gift to consumers, have opted for the last Dreamworks production.


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