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 Tintin jumps from the comic to the screenBack
Tintin jumps from the comic to the screen

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The well-lnown Belgian reporter arrives at cinemas and TV after becoming a comic worldwide classic.

20.09.2011 /

Directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, also produced by Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy, The Adventures of Tintin is one of the most expected productions.

The first of three planned feature films produced in caption motion will arrive to Spain and Portugal in October.

The intrepid reporter, performed by Jamie Bell, aided by his faithful dog Snowy and the rough-and-thimble Captain Haddock, performed by Andy Serkis, must race to find a long-lost ship. During this adventure, the starrers will have to face lots of challenges.

All along the  trilogy will appear some popular characters such as Professor Calculus, detectives Thomson and Thompson, the singer Bianca Castafiore and the Pirate Red Rackham, performed by Daniel Craig.

Before the release of this hero film, Boing launched on August 20th, the series “The adventures of Tintin” an adaptation of the comic which is now broadcasted at 8:00pm every Saturday.

Companies such as Play by play, Editorial juventud and Pixi, among others, have joined Tintin in his new adventures, betting on this license for their products.


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