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What is promo?

What is promo?

BIPLANOis promo

Integrated Services of Promotional Marketing applied to Licensing.

Biplano is the only European Licensing Agency that has the capability to perform these services.

Our experience to deal with the property grants us an exceptional dexterity to execute all kind of promotional marketing activities, especially regarding the management of design development, their approval and their delivery times: 

  • Development of creative concepts and promotional mechanics after a customer’s briefing.
  • Generation of communication elements and publicity materials (graphic design, advertising lines of argument, photography, final artwork...)
  • Design and development of models and prototypes.
  • Research in international databases of already developed licensed articles
  • Full production of promotional items and other materials.
  • Control and “in situ” follow up from our Chinese office.

In each stage of the process we fully guarantee the quality control, the approval and the ongoing communication between the licensor and the customer who is developing the promotional marketing activities.

Biplano is the official supplier of companies such as Paramount, DreamWorks or LucasFilm.


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